By offering high quality food and beverage products, KEAN Group is geared to service the entire F&B sector including retail and the HORECA market.


With more than 76 top quality products produced we keep the brand fresh and the products always relevant to both the old and young generations.

With Concern To Our Society

KEAN, as a purely Cypriot company, has developed a functional philosophy resting on these five pillars. Abiding by its history and tradition, as an active member of society, KEAN is adapting to the challenging environment looking with optimism into the future

Minimum waste

We care for the environment and the Earth’s resources. We minimize waste by not throwing away anything from the fresh citrus fruit we use.

After the extraction of the juice, pulp and essentials oils of the fruit, the remaining peels are then forwarded to livestock farms to be used as animal feed and as organic fertilizer.

Local economy support

KEAN was established in 1949 and has been an active member of the local economy ever since; making the KEAN brand part of the Cypriot tradition. It is our priority to work with local workforce and suppliers and other Cypriot companies. Giving emphasis on products made in Cyprus, we support local agriculture and local citrus fruit producers, KEAN’s suppliers of high quality raw materials.

Exports and Partners

Exports have always claimed a large proportion in building the KEAN business. The expertise and efficiency that has been built over the years can now be appreciated by customers worldwide. The long tradition in exports and the wide network of long standing and new customers give KEAN products a presence in more than 32 countries covering Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the USA