Exports & Partners

Exports have always claimed a large proportion in building the KEAN business. The expertise and efficiency that has been built over the years can now be appreciated by customers worldwide. The long tradition in exports and the wide network of long standing and new customers give KEAN products a presence in more than 32 countries covering Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the USA.

More than 50% of production is channelled to the export market at an increasing pace and the KEAN export department can handle efficiently all enquiries, orders and shipments anywhere in the world. The geographical position of Cyprus, the proximity to The Middle East and Asia as the most eastern point of entry and exit of the European Union, supported by efficient telecommunications and transport facilities, render Cyprus an ideal export partner.

This unique position combined with the high quality of juices and service that KEAN offers to the international market, have been the basis for the success of the KEAN exports. Among international direct customers over the years, we register Schweppes, Marks and Spencer, John West, Royal Jordanian Airways, Carrefour shops, Delta Dairies, Gerber Foods etc.
New products have been developed for specific markets always based on the particular needs of the market and quality criteria.

Export Markets

The proximity to the Middle Eastern countries and the geopolitical developments in this area have played a significant role in the export direction for KEAN products. Juices and soft drinks were introduced in many of the Arab countries as early as the 1970’s . Special products were developed as 9oz. cans for nectars and new flavours were offered.

Russia in the 1980’s became a major export destination with stations in Rostov and Moscow. Political conditions and local investments which led to changes in their import legislation brought about changes in the trade with these countries, which until today continue to be within the export clientele.

Storage & Logistics

The storage space of raw materials and final products are according to standards as prescribed by HAACP and Food Safety specifications.

Quality control

The KEAN Laboratory is monitoring all production according to defined procedures for quality control. It also performs the tests for all raw materials before use in the production. New product development and product research is constant .

Export Countries


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