With Concern To
Our Society

KEAN, as a purely Cypriot company, has developed a functional philosophy resting on these five pillars. Abiding by its history and tradition, as an active member of society, KEAN is adapting to the challenging environment looking with optimism into the future”

Minimum waste

We care for the environment and the Earth’s resources. We minimize waste by not throwing away anything from the fresh citrus fruit we use. After the extraction of the juice, pulp and essentials oils of the fruit, the remaining peels are then forwarded to livestock farms to be used as animal feed and as organic fertilizer.

Green business

We actively strive to make a minimal negative impact on the global and local environment, while raising environmental awareness through our educational initiatives. Amongst other programs, we have set up the ‘Eco-drome’ on the factory premises, to host daily visits from school students and encourage an environmentally conscious behavior through fun education.

Community action

We donate thousands of liters of products every year. KEAN supports the cause of various local charity organizations, to contribute to the welfare of children, families and communities in need.  For the past 71 years, KEAN, as a responsible member of the society, firmly believes in giving back to the community of which it is a part.

Supporting the local economy

KEAN was established in 1949 and has been an active member of the local economy ever since; making the KEAN brand part of the Cypriot tradition. It is our priority to work with local workforce and suppliers and other Cypriot companies. Giving emphasis on products made in Cyprus, we support local agriculture and local citrus fruit producers, KEAN’s suppliers of high quality raw materials.

Healthy living

We promote, and live by, a healthy living philosophy. Natural, fresh raw materials which are rich in nutritional values are carefully selected for our production. Our priority is to offer high quality juice products in order to contribute towards healthy daily diet habits. Through our promotions, we actively encourage a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle by stressing the importance of physical activity.

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Product Safety & Production

Today KEAN is the biggest citrus fruit producer in Cyprus, processing about 18000 tons of cypriot citrus fruit.

Tradition, know how and forward thinking together with constant technological upgrading, product improvement and quality control safeguarded the KEAN competitive advantage over the years